Contribution Day

We are looking for sponsors and an office venue to accommodate 50 to 80 people to organize the Magento Contribution Day. If you are interested then please email to
So, the Contribution Day will be confirmed soon...

The Magento Contribution Days provide intensive workshops with Magento Community Engineering team, giving insights into Magento 2 development and contributing to the Magento 2 core. A team of leading Magento core architects is starting a new form of community involvement that will facilitate contributions. Meet Magento Association and its worldwide network of events will be the first platform ever to provide Magento 2 developers with a new way to interact with the Magento development team. All developers going to MM20IN could take part in Contribution Day for better code awareness and new perspective on M2 development.

What is Magento Contribution Day?

Magento contribution day is one day event where you can get a chance to work with Magento core team architects and other Magento developers for your contribution to Magento advancement to accelerate innovation in Magento 2.

Why I should attend the Magento Contribution Day?

There are following benefits you can get by attending the Magento Contribution Day:

  • Get connected with Magento core team members
  • Contribute Directly for Magento 2
  • Learn Magento Best Practices and Standards
  • Interact and Discuss with different Magento developers for open Magento 2 issues
  • Create network with the team
  • Have Food and Fun all the day

What should I do over there on Magento Contribution Day?

You will work side by side with Magento core architects on developing features and improvements for the Magento 2 core, e.g.:

  • Develop feature/improvement
  • Create tests
  • Do cross code reviews
  • Run tests and check results
  • Create and merge PRs

What does happen with the code that I have written on Magento Contribution Day?

Magento core team architects review your code and if everything is coded and documented according to Magento best practice and standards, Magento takes PULL REQUEST directly into their repository for dev environment.

What are the requirements?

  • Working (Up and running) Magento 2 version with develop branch, forked and pulled from GitHub
  • Debugger and IDE are up to you, the team uses xdebug and PHPStorm
  • Active GitHub account
  • Desire to make contribution and have fun